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Conventional Loans should be easy and predictable. After all, it is in the name that they will conform. Our proprietary artificial intelligence engine, we coined AUSSIE, has closed thousands of conventional loans over the last five years.

She is battle-tested by loan officers, processors, underwriters, and closers. The minute you register your loan, AUSSIE goes to work clearing as many conditions as she can before human intervention. She can handle 67% of the loan by herself!

That is beyond Day-1 Certainty!

Favorite Features:

  • Pricing and locking for Agency loans currently available 24 hours a day, except when pricing is changing. (Lock Sat/Sun with Friday’s pricing.)

  • Close on the last day of your lock! We take care of Right of Recission and funding dates.

  • Anti-Steering module is so easy, done in seconds


Conforming Loans
High Balance Loans


AmeriSave is at the TOP of the high balance rate stack. Consistently. Day in/Day out since the day we opened.

There is a science behind why AmeriSave Wholesale is always at the top of your rate stack.

The GSE’s do not want banks and lenders top heavy in high balance loans. So, your largest lenders and national competitors hit that threshold quickly.

Then, they are hit with fees for all high balance loans over that maximum threshold.


In an effort to get things as close to perfect as possible, we rolled out our national platform with just conventional loans.

Now, four months and hundreds of upgrades later, we are ready to showcase FHA loans with the same AUSSIE AI support.

Your FHA loans will be handled with the same SPEED and EASE – the same instant underwrite and day one certainty you love with agency loans

FHA Loans
Jumbo AUS Loans


AUSSIE, our wholesale AI engine, was built to handle all loan types with the same SPEED and EASE of standard, conforming loans. AUSSIE runs your jumbo 3.4 file through her enhanced automated underwriting engine for underwriting finding results formatted like you are used to seeing with other loans. 

There is NO second investor underwrite. 

There is NO second appraisal needed! 

There IS everything you expect AUSSIE to underwrite and clear before human intervention. This leaves you with less conditions to chase down and our genuine people available to work your loans PROACTIVELY.  Nothing is more aggravating than needing to be a squeaky wheel to get a loan to closing. We will be there to get your docs out on or before your scheduled closing date!


Jumbo AUS locks are available M-F from the time rates are published in the morning to 8:00 PM EST. Jumbo AUS locks are not available on weekends, Federal holidays, nor after 1:00 PM EST on Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve.


AmeriSave Wholesale offers the full range of VA products to support your efforts with our esteemed and distinguished service members.

VA loans will move through AUSSIE AI in a flash just like our other loan products and you’ll love the speed & consistency that you can bring your military clients!

The product is designed to be highly automated, priced compellingly, and as with other loan products we offer, your VA loan will fly through our process and systems.

Get with your Account Executive or Regional Director today to have us sponsor you for VA loans asap!

VA Loans

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