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Watch mortgage industry insider Michael Brenning discuss how to navigate the mortgage landscape for 2022 and walk away with a SOLID plan to CRUSH the rest of 2022! 

Headshot of Mike Brenning

Michael Brenning AmeriSave Wholesale Mortgage Solutions CEO

What TOPICS WILL BE CoverED in the webinar?

  • The Ukraine Effect

  • Inflation

  • Rent will continue to skyrocket

  • Wage pressure

  • Mergers/Acquisitions/Closures/Layoffs

  • Retail to broker conversion wave

  • CD pain for brokers and bankers

  • Origination goals

  • Sales and marketing plan

AUSSIE Transforms Your Mortgage Lending Process

Wonder how we can provide our 7-7-7 promise? Say hello to AUSSIE, our automated, next-gen origination and underwriting engine. She’s the tech that will forever change the way you experience mortgage lending.

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