Wise Homeowners, home buyers,  and Real Estate Pros pay attention to those investing in themselves.

Las Vegas— Oct 7, 2021 — The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) annual conference kicked off this weekend in Las Vegas. What does this mean for consumers looking to refinance or purchase a home?

NAMB is one of the trade associations mortgage brokers invest their time and money attending for knowledge, the latest technologies, lenders, and trends in the housing industry. Taking time away to network and attend continuing education classes puts participating mortgage originators in the best position to serve their customers.

Five Reasons Savvy Homeowners chose a Mortgage Broker.

Over half of real estate professionals recommend local mortgage originators to their home buyers. Homeowners are paying attention and discovering what local and independent from large corporate structures means for their home loans.

Consumers want choice and control in their financial decisions.

“When a borrower goes to a mortgage banker or bank for a home loan, they are obligated to that lender’s products, pricing, and underwriting guidelines. You only get one shot at getting the approval right.  By choosing a mortgage broker, you are receiving stellar customer service from a subject matter expert whose only mission is to find borrowers the right product and price.”

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