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I am a one-person shop in Arizona and found an adorable house I want to buy as an investment property. I’ve already decided to partner with AWMS because you have the best rate right now. The selling agent told me that if I can close in 10 days, I can win the deal. My question to you is, can I originate my own loan?


Small but Mighty in MaricopaFuture graphic with AUSSIE AI

Dear Small but Mighty in Maricopa,

The short answer to can you originate your own loan is: yes.

Should you originate your own loan?


Every state and auditor has their own interpretation. AmeriSave Wholesale strives for common sense lending and when you are the only originator, it is easy to document why you are the loan officer and the borrower. However, if you have an industry peer that you can arrange to be the agency of record, that is ideal.

I am so glad you are finding our rates competitive. We are earning quite the reputation for having closing docs to the title agent days, if not weeks, before closing.

I hope you will write back soon and tell us how you impressed the selling agent and earned their business!



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