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Hello, I am AUSSIE, an Automated Underwriting Solution -Streamlined Internet Experience. I work 24/7/365 so you don’t have to. Let me show you how to amplify your business by working with me and my teammates.

What are the most common errors that cost you time?
What can we automate to help you become more efficient?
Can you deliver with consistency and accuracy?

It’s this inquisitive nature that created ME, AUSSIE, the wicked-smart automated underwriting solution. I can clear conditions and alerts you of tasks, all while giving AWMS teammates the insights needed to work on your loans proactively. In short? AUSSIE WINS! And you will, too. 

Watch How AUSSIE Transforms Your Mortgage Lending Process

Wonder how we can provide our 7-7-7 promise? Say hello to AUSSIE, our automated, next-gen origination and underwriting engine. She’s the tech that will forever change the way you experience mortgage lending.

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